A Paradise of Pet Peeves

27 Jul 2012


I understand that this grammar mistake is confusing, but it drives me crazy.

Assure is something you do to a person, a group of people, or an animal to remove doubt or anxiety, as in Squiggly assured Aardvark that he’d come to the party early. You can remember that assure can only be used…

27 Jul 2012

Pet Peeves #1

27 Jul 2012


Biggest Pet Peeve: People talking or laughing while I’m trying to watch my favorite movie. Or you know, generally existing.

27 Jul 2012


Nothing pisses me off more than when a smoker flicks their butt on the ground. 

27 Jul 2012


I’m a hypocrite. I confess I have interrupted people when they were speaking. Sometimes I want people to get to their point, instead of going through a circuitous path.

Nevertheless, it is a pet peeve of mine when people interrupt others when they’re speaking. Like when teachers are giving…

27 Jul 2012

My biggest pet peeve in the ENTIRE world is when people have a problem with something I’m saying or doing….and don’t tell me.


Nothing is going to change if I don’t know that what I’m doing is offending or hurting you. I’m not going to just know how to fix things by reading your mind. I don’t do passive aggressive. I just need a few words, a sentence, and I’d be happy (most of the time) to change whatever I’m doing. I don’t set out to hurt people. But I’m going to. Everyone does. It can happen less, though, if I’m just told right off the bat.

27 Jul 2012


My biggest pet peeve. Women who drink HOT coffee with a straw. 

27 Jul 2012


  • People who are way too obsessed with things.
  • People who bitch and moan about not getting laid CONSTANTLY.
  • People who posts 3432423 photos of themselves and insist they are ugly.
  • People who are normal/average weight think they are beached whales.
  • People that talk a little too much.
  • Being…

20 Jul 2011

Getting lazy over summer

Sorry for being away from this blog for so long. I figured I might as well put this as a pet peeve post than a NOTES post.

     Ever since school ended for the summer, I’ve been getting lazier and lazier as more of the humid hot days past by. I’ve gotten to the point when I stopped updating this blog because I didn’t feel like writing down pet peeves or writing ranting reviews of new movies I’ve watched. There were days when I didn’t feel like getting out of bed even though it was well past two in the afternoon. I hate the feeling of being lazy with no motivation to do anything at all. Heck, I sometimes wish I was in school to keep me busy.

31 May 2011


We are approaching the summer season very quickly and we love everything about summer. Almost everything. With summer around the corner, mosquitoes come hungry, craving to suck blood from human flesh. Those pesky little creatures are so annoying when they are tailing you wherever you go. Especially when they get all into your face and you freak out, like me. I need to have some mobile force field around me to block out mosquitoes from my body.